Barry Homrighaus

is a glass artist working from his home and studio in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Barry began working with glass as a stained-glass hobbyist in the 1980’s.  His first encounter with a glass kiln was in the late 1980’s, but it was not until 2004 that he acquired his first kiln and began working almost exclusively with kiln-formed glass.  

During those years, Barry worked full-time as a senior executive for an international window and door company, but still found time to attend classes and seminars in glass fusing and casting, including a four-day intensive in lost wax casting with Oregon artist Linda Ethier, and a three-week session at Pilchuck Glass School with Australian artist Richard Whiteley and German artist Heike Brachlow.  

Having retired from his business career in 2016, Barry now works as a full-time glass artist, producing both functional pieces, and whimsical sculptures which reflect images of twentieth-century American pop culture.